10 Ways to Improve Your Website Blog Layout

Improve Your Website Blog Layout

Website Blog Layout

Website Blog Layout: Improving your website blog layout in the manufacturing world, ISO standards were set to measure the quality of something built-ed. The same must be maintain for building a website blog layout with usability in mind.

Usability is defined only as "the degree to which something is able or fit to be used." Expanded out in website terms you can add that usability is the "methods for improving ease-of-use during the design process."

It is not a secret that improving the usability of your website blog layout will help you attain whatever goals you have set for your Internet business.

Most of us are online to make a profit, and we use our website or blog to help us do that.

The question, do we have a site that is easy for our visitors to use so we can get them to do whatever our hoped-for goal is? It could be buying something, commenting on a blog post, or even subscribing to our email list.

The following are the ten tips to consider if you need to increase the web usability.

Draw the Attention in Readability

Readability is among the indicators that will highlight the problems of web usability. It means that if your website encounters readability problems, there is a higher probability that the users will be frustrated and eventually consider abandoning it.

To avoid losing potential clients make sure there are no readability problems.

It can be done by allowing a proper spacing between paragraphs, usage of bullet points, and also the introduction of text boxes, sidebars, and banners in a way that they won’t divert any attention.

You also to need to emphasize grammar and spelling. It is understandable to most people to encounter some errors periodically, but the readability goes way down if there is a pattern of mistakes the reader is finding.

Usage of Background Contrast, Texture, and Color

Before choosing which color, your website blog layout will have, you will need to consider which is the best color customers will prefer, as colors hugely affect their physiological preference.

For example, if your website is about ecology, the color to use is blue or green. It is also applied when selecting the texture.

When it comes to the contrast, make sure that the color chosen will easily differentiate between the background and the font.

Image Selection and Their Position

Adhere to the habit of using appropriate images that are of high quality. As a matter of fact, there should be a classy selection of images that will attract the client.

For instance, if your blog is about cars there should be quality pictures of vehicles that are appealing.

Coming to their position, they should place them in a desirable spot which does not distract the client when reading the site.

I highly recommend Pixabay.com as a source for free, high-quality images with no copyright restrictions placed on them.

Find a picture that relates to your website content, save it to your computer, and upload it directly on your page.


Currently, most people use mobile devices to access any site. It means that your website should be compatible with the mobile devices.

If you are using a WordPress template, use the category widget to organize your posts and pages where they can easily have found on your menu or sidebar.

Also, eliminate the horizontal scrolling as it tends to be irritating and boring.

The Usage Should Be Done Effortlessly

Your website should be easily accessed. It can happen accomplished by including:

- limiting the vertical or horizontal scrolling

- making call-to-action and links easily visible for customers

- evading the need of filling tedious forms by users,

- advertising new or recent services or products in the market for the client to get information about it.

Customers have choices, millions of them in your market. Keep it easy for them to find you and get around on your site, and they will buy from you.

Try Tweaking Everything

There should be a continuous test meanwhile implementing CRO tweaks so that you can maintain your site to be handy while achieving the maximum conversions.

The test may include goal completion, user persona impact, and navigation structures, among others.

Think Long Term

You should weigh between a user experience optimization and conversion optimization.

Doing a conversion optimization of short-term results is a dangerous technique as compared to a long term one which is ideal for a long-term optimization.

Highlight Usability Issues to Enhance SEO

The users of your website have a certain expectation when they get to it. Most users will evaluate if the site delivers what they are looking for in a matter of seconds.

If they are not satisfied, they will move on to another one. Plus more importantly, you will not get any of the business leading to a loss of profits for you.

SEO is used to rank your website blog layout for specific keyword phrases. Be sure your content is delivering relevant information for the keywords you are targeting.

Run A Budget Test - Ten Tips for Website Blog Layout

It is a test carried out to find out who is your site users. It's an effective usability test, whereby the results will let you know the results regarding the satisfaction and the better ways to improve them.

Use these ten ways to improve your website blog layout usability and ultimately increase traffic and sales from it!


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