Viral Content

Getting Started with Viral Content

Getting started with viral content is not easy if you do not understand it. For many people, the question of which content will go viral and which content will not seem like it's hard to answer.


It often seems like it's entirely random. Some aspects of going viral are indeed random. However, there are some tricks involved with producing viral content.

The people who can learn them will at least increase the odds of their content going viral at some point. Before we get to that, let's define viral content.

Viral Content

What Is Viral Content

Think of the word viral as a noun. Viral content is content that spreads rapidly on the Internet.

Just as the virus spreads, you can get the same result with your online content. What is interesting is the many ways content appears online.

It is not only text such as a blog post. Content can also include reports, pdf files, and eBooks.

Another form of content is images, graphics, and pictures, Pinterest has popularized this type of viral content.

Videos are one of the most used forms of content and can be a great source for making something viral. Google owns YouTube, and it is the 3rd most visited site every month right behind Google and Facebook.

Of course, social media is the fasted form of content today. Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, Google Plus updates, and so on give you a fast way to get your content online and going viral if it catches the attention of the right people.

Choose a Popular Subject and Find a Fresh Take

It is true that people are going to want to make sure they make their viral post stand out in some way. However, writing about an obscure topic is rarely the way to make that happen.

In most cases, people are going to be better off taking something that is already popular and finding some way to put an original spin on it.

The familiar things that have fresh take become popular. Topics that are completely original will often wallow in obscurity.

Here is a tip. Subscribe to blog feeds from your competitors and watch the tops ones use blog content to make something go viral. You will see they are often offering a new spin on an old idea.

Viral Content

Use a Clipped and Conversational Writing Style

Have you ever heard a successful blogger say the words "Write as you talk"? Good advice, but for some reason harder to do.

Using a writing style that is overly technical will rarely work for viral written content. People need to be more or less talking to their audience members to create viral content.

It's a good idea to use second person pronouns, a casual style, and shorter sentences. Some people try to split the difference between casual and formal. These people should be able to create successful content as a result.

It takes people some time to find their voices online, of course. However, they should always try to aim for a writing style that will make a person feel as if he or she is interacting with someone on the other end.

Here is another big tip. Avoid using fancy words to make yourself sound smarter than you are. It does not come across as sincere, and chances are most people reading what you write do not talk like that and will be turned off to the point they will never share your content.

Make the Article a List or Give the Article a List Portion

Almost all the viral posts that people will see are either lists or posts that contain lists. It goes for videos too, with a lot of videos functioning as files that presented in a video.

There is no denying that people like lists, which are easily digestible and easy to read. People will find that it is surprisingly easy to take a long-form post and turn it into a list.

In some cases, this might be all that it takes to make an article more attractive. Plus, you will find them easier to write.

A numbered list blog article or video gives you a specific way to structure your content and keeps you focused. Easier for you and better for your audience is a good way to create viral content!

Create a Lot of Content

Some people strike metaphorical gold and who can somehow produce a single post or video that goes viral.

However, the individuals who have some posts that go viral will typically provide a lot of articles. Ultimately, the people who start doing a lot of work will be that much more likely to get that work to succeed.

Individuals who create a lot of content will create some bad content, of course. However, they will also create enough good content for it to count. They will also typically get better at writing in the process.

You are playing a numbers game that can pay off in various ways. For example.

- Total readers

- Better SEO

- New readers

- More often shared

- Make new friends

- Make more sales.

I think you get the idea that you need to work more and get more content online before you get something to go viral. I get that doing that can be harder, especially if you are a part-time blogger.

Consider outsourcing some of your content creation. It's a smart way to take some of your workloads off you and still get the job done.

I like outsourcing blog writing at times because I do not have to hire a full-time employee, so I control my costs better. Plus, it lets me do other aspects of my Internet business which I enjoy.

Viral Content Summary

There is no substitute for quality content in volume. Promote your content when you get it online and let it go viral when it catches the fancy of the World Wide Web.

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    Especially, I follow most of the things that you have listed here. At the starting phase of blogging journey, a user has to spend more time than standard time; I understand how it tastes while you write a quality article and there is no one without you to check your write-up. But the things will improve as long as you invest full time and energy to develop your blog. I’ve bookmarked this article to be able to check back again when I decide to write any blog posts. Thanks and keep sharing such a quality pages.

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