Essential Steps for Starting a New Blog

Starting a New Blog: Blogging has become very popular on the Internet today. It seems that almost everyone has a blog.

When a person writes a blog, they can talk about anything that they want. They can talk about things that interest them, things that they have knowledge about, and anything else that they want to share with the world.

Starting a New Blog

Starting a New Blog

Starting a new blog can be challenging, especially if a person does not have experience writing or updating a blog before. There are some essential steps for starting a new blog that will make this process easier. The focus is one of the big things that you should get clearance from the outset.

Decide what you are trying to achieve with your blog. Some example of the type of goals you may want to make with your blogging campaign such as:

Increasing traffic to the blog
• Enhance customer service
• Increase sales whether it is company products or blogger income from eBooks, speaking engagement, consulting or affiliate income
• Engage with clients and potential prospects
• Grow Blogging followers
• Enhance and promote the brand.

Place specific metrics in place for your goals so you can gauge degrees of success or failure and monitor and adjust the tactics that you implement to achieve these aims.

Start an Essential New Blog

Set Aside Some Time

Most blogs are easy to set up. All a person must do is follow the instruction on the hosting site, and they can have their blog online in no time.

Many people can get the blog started in as little as 20 minutes. That is the basic setup.

There is a lot of thought that must be put into a blog before a person can begin to post online. It starts with the need to determine what the theme of the blog is going to be.

A person should pick a topic they are interested in and are passionate about. It will be easier for them to update the blog often.

The topic should also be something that visitors are going to want to read. If there are too many blogs on the same topic, it can be boring.

The blog topic should be appealing to both the reader and the author.

Picking a Name

Having a catchy and creative name for the blog is important. The name of the blog should relate to the topic it is going to be about but should be interesting enough to catch the attention of the visitor.

It should be a name that stands out. This name is also going to be the domain name of the blog.

It should not be too long. When a person types in the name, it should be easy to remember and bring a person right to the blog. If the title is too complicated, then a person will have trouble searching for it.

Choosing A Platform

There are several programs that a person can decide to host their blog. Some of these platforms are free to use.

The free version may only include the essential features and the themes. If a person wants additional features or a custom layout they may have to pay extra money.

There are some great free sites that a person can use that are user-friendly. These sites include, and make it quick and easy for bloggers to get up and to run. and are two of the most popular blog hosting platforms. There are several other platforms online, and a person should check them out to find the platform that best fits their needs.

You may believe that not many people will look at your blog once you start blogging. It is better to be prepared for growth by having a platform that can scale and is easy to make changes.

The WordPress platform that is self-hosted and has the domain name that you own is a good place to start.

Essential Steps for Starting a New Blog

Select A Host

An internet host will allow people to find the blog. It will also make it easier to access.

Instead of typing in something like all a person will need to do is type in the name of the blog such as and they will be taken to the site.

A hosting site will also make it accessible to users to find blogs.

Sites such as Bluehost, GoDaddy, and HostGator are for hosting blogs. There are other sites out there as well that can be for hosting websites.

These sites have many different plans at different prices. Some may be offered free, but they only include the very basic features.

There are different packages with different features and levels of support from the hosting company. A person should find one that best fits their needs and the needs of the blog they want to start.

A person will also get to pick their domain name through this site. The name should be something easy to remember and should relate to the topic of the blog.

Design the Blog

The blog should have an appealing layout. A person can use some of the templates that are on their blog hosting site, or they can personalize their own.

WordPress is the most popular blog template. Be sure and use a responsive template that sizes automatically to the device.

A person should have photos that are going to be relevant to the topic. Many people like visuals that enhance the blog and pictures and graphics are needed.

Starting a New Blog: The introduction to the blog should be attractive and appealing. When a person reads the blog introduction, it should be interesting enough to get the attention of the reader.

If they’re hooked within the first couple of lines, they will want to keep reading and view other pages.

A person should add valuable and high-quality content.

Not only will this keep visitors coming back to the blog it will help the blog rank higher in the organic search results.

Starting a New Blog

Update Often

Updating is especially important when a person is first starting a blog. They need to make sure their blog is updated daily.

The information they are typing needs to be relevant to the blog and should also be written with high quality.

This will help increase the organic ranking on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Visitors will want to come back to the blog daily to see what information has been added to the blog.

A person can also add relevant pictures and news stories as part of their blog post if they are related to the topic.

Affiliate Marketing

Once a person has their blog set up, and the design is laid out, they may want to consider having affiliate links posted on their blog. This can be pay per click, pay per lead, and pay per sale affiliate links.

The affiliate merchant will pay the blog owner (member) a percentage of the necessary action the blog visitor completes.

This will help a person make money off their blog. Affiliate marketing is the most popular way to monetize a blog.


Starting a New Blog: These are some of the essential steps for starting a new blog.

Once a person has picked up their topic, and the design of their blog they can concentrate on adding new content and marketing their blog to get people to pay attention to their blog.

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