The 80/20 Rule of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Rule – Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Rule of Affiliate Marketing: When it comes to numbers, often everything comes down to the fact that most of the time 20 percent of your affiliates produce 80 percent of your results. Sometimes it's even more skewed than that if you brought on a super member early.

Sometimes just one super affiliate can be responsible for 80 percent of your sales. It's important to nurture the ones who are working the hardest and have proven results.

Rule of Affiliate Marketing

Keep Track

Rule of Affiliate Marketing: Your affiliate software should keep track for you. One look will let you know who is responsible for sales.

If possible, make this data public. Seeing how others are doing not only encourages those who aren't doing as well, it makes the go-getters even more competitive trying to get to the top of the list.

Sometimes that motivates them just as much as dollars so that they can have bragging rights.

Reward Them

Rewarding high sellers is essential. Call them out on social media.

When someone makes their first sale, call them out and congratulate them in your groups and your blog posts.

Rule of Affiliate Marketing: When you start announcing sales, other people notice and want to get in on the deals too. They like being rewarded by name.

Host Contests

Each new launch that you have hosted a contest rewarding the affiliate with the most sales within a specified period.

The reward can be a gift card, moving up to a higher commission percentage, free VA services to help them post emails, or if you are selling a high-priced product, something of value that they want like a new Smartphone, Camera, or another device.

Offer Special Services

When you have a true overachiever on your affiliate team, you may want to consider offering them exceptional one-on-one services.

For example, you can contribute to do a webinar with them for their audience, give them a unique coupon code for their audience that doesn't cut into their commission, or provide branded marketing collateral that is specific to them only.

Mention Them

Rule of Affiliate Marketing: Always call them out in public for being awesome. People like having bragging rights aside from what's in their bank account.

Thanking them profusely after a good launch, calling out anyone who wrote a blog post, wrote a review, or had something they did go viral always helps encourage people to try more next time too.

Making Sense of Rule of Affiliate Marketing

Instead of focusing on the people who aren't making sales, focus on the ones who are. Give them kudos when it's warranted. It will give them even more incentive to keep on trying to sell more of your products.

Rule of Affiliate Marketing: Move sellers to a select elite list and group so that you can nurture them in new ways. Other affiliates, knowing that this elite status and specialized focus exists if they reach specific goals, will be motivated to do better too.

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