5 Habits Every Blogger Should Develop

Habits Blogger Should Develop

Habits Every Blogger Should Develop

There are at least five habits every blogger should develop. We want to talk about them in this article.

Starting a blog of any kind is easy today but Creating a successful blog is not.

Creating a high-quality blog is similarly difficult. Even if a blog is high-quality, there is no guarantee that it's going to be successful.


However, the people who practice the right blogging habits every blogger should develop will at least be able to give themselves a high chance of being able to carry out all their goals as bloggers. What are those habits?

Posting Frequently

The Internet is full of dead blogs. These are bloggers who started out all excited and eventually stopped blogging altogether for one reason or another.

The successful bloggers are the ones who have a high output. It's one of the reasons why people will see tiny little posts from their favorite bloggers all the time.

These bloggers know it's better to post something short than to post something inadequate or not to post anything at all. The fact that anyone considers a blogger like this to be a favorite is also always a good sign.

Habits Every Blogger Should Develop

I always tell bloggers to use the per-publish feature and get ahead of the game. Having posts already set up takes a lot of pressure of-of you, especially when you do not feel like blogging.

Here is another tip along those lines. Set up a swipe file and fill it up with ideas for future blog posts.

You will come across ideas every day that you can make a not about or copy a URL. Put those in your swipe file and refer to it when you stuck on an idea for a post. It is much easier to post when you have an overflowing swipe file of blog article ideas!

Habits Every Blogger Should Develop

Posting Without a Pattern

People who want to keep their fans clicking on their blogs are advised to have an inconsistent schedule. While it is a good idea to post often, that doesn't mean posting one single piece of writing every day.

Habits Every Blogger Should Develop: Posting five posts in one day, one post another day, and three posts another day will work better. People will check blogs more often if they never know when something new will be available.

If you have new posts set up to publish in the future, you can, and should, still pop in and make a post when you have something new to say.

Displaying current events, or ideas help you post without a pattern. Plus, these can be shorter posts that are easy to write and publish!

Habits Every Blogger Should Develop

Making Updates on Social Media

Social media isn't magic. People who make updates about when they have created new blog posts may still be in a situation where people may or may not notice.

However, at least making updates on social media helps to get the posts out there to a certain extent. People will also have an easier time when it comes to keeping their fans informed if they do this, so it's useful for the people who have managed to get some fans.

Do the same thing with your email list as you build it. When you create a new post, send an email to your list.

In the body include the first couple of sentences from the post itself. The add the words "read more here" and link back to your blog post.

Creating Posts That Aren't Too Long or Too Short

Creating Posts That Aren't Too Long or Too Short

People on the Internet often aren't willing to take the time to read long posts. However, they will be disappointed in bloggers who are effectively just writing little blurbs.

Writing a blurb one week is better than writing nothing at all, of course. However, people are better off trying to strike a balance between the shorter posts and the longer posts.

Google has said they value longer posts for ranking purpose. So, give it to them with 1000-word posts sometimes.

People may like shorter posts so do the 200-400-word posts and write numbered lists articles that scanned. It's a way to keep your content flowing and mixing it up a little.

Habits Every Blogger Should Develop

Creating Different Types of Posts

Habits Every Blogger Should Develop: Apparently, bloggers should try to vary the content. However, they should also try to create posts that look different visually.

Creating posts that have links to videos or that center on videos at times is a good idea. It's also wise to alternate between posts that have a lot of headings and posts that are long lists.

People love lists on the Internet, but it's best if bloggers don't try to get themselves stuck into proper formats. It looks natural to your readers and the search engine if you very the type of posts written.

Another thing you can do is going to YouTube and find relevant videos. Copy the embed code and add them to your next post, or just go back and update an earlier blog post with a video to liven it up a little!

Habits Every Blogger Should Develop: Get in the habit of updating your old blog posts with YouTube videos and Google and your readers will appreciate the effort!

Habits Every Blogger Should Develop

Conclusion: Habits Every Blogger Should Develop

Bloggers will find their way to fame in many ways. It's difficult for all bloggers to get there.

However, bloggers who at least have some healthy habits every blogger should develop will be more likely to create successful blogs. You will find what works for you over time.

It is what I think is so great about blogging. There's no wrong or right way to do it, and you can personalize it and be very successful doing what works for you.

Study what other bloggers are doing and take pieces of what's working for them and join it into your blogging habits and you will eventually come up with a successful strategy of your own.

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