Grow Email List Faster with An Ethical Bribe

Grow Email List Faster - Ethical Bribe

​​​​Grow Email List Faster: The money is in the list, and that means the faster you can grow your list, the quicker you'll increase your income.


But also, your reach, your audience, and of course, the traffic to your blog for example.

In other words, growing a list is essential and building it faster will help you get your blog and your business off the ground more quickly as well.

Grow Email List Faster

How to Grow your Email List Faster

One of the best things you can do to grow email list faster is to offer them an "ethical bribe." I'm sure you've seen these.

They are often short reports, printable, spreadsheets or videos that website owners and bloggers offer for free when you sign up. You see them all the time and for a good reason. They work like a charm.

And they are very easy to use. You need to decide what you want to give your readers in exchange for their email, put that in your opt-in page and mention it in your opt-in form on your site, and finally deliver it to your subscribers. Let's look at each of these three steps in a bit more detail.

Grow Email List Faster

Create Your Ethical Bribe

Grow Email List Faster: Start by thinking about what your potential subscribers might want. Your most popular blog posts may give you some great ideas, as will email questions you frequently receive.

Pick a topic and then decide how you want to deliver the freebie.

Short reports are accessible as are printable pdf, but videos and audios are other options. If you have an online store, you could even offer an exclusive signup coupon.

Grow Email List Faster: Decide on your ethical bribe and then create it. Write it, turn it into a pdf, record a video and upload it. Do whatever you need to do to create your opt-in freebie and have it ready to go.

Advertise It on Your Opt-in Form and Page

Next, write some enticing copy that will get your visitors attention. You should tweak all your opt-in forms on your website along with any dedicated opt-in pages you have to reflect this new freebie.

Look at what your competition is doing and how they are presenting their freebie.

Come up with a good headline and a right call to action. Visuals also help. If you are offering a free report or a printable for example, get a graphic for it that you can add to your newsletter signup boxes for instance. Entice your readers to sign up for the freebie.

Grow Email List Faster - Upload and Deliver Your Bribe

Grow Email List Faster: Finally; it's time to deliver the freebie. Upload it to your web server and then write or edit the welcome email that goes out to any new subscriber to include a link to the ethical bribe - whatever you decided to make it.

That's it, give this a try and see if you don't' start to grow your list faster.

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