My Grammarly Review – Benefits 2017

My Grammarly Review

Grammarly: We weren’t all born to be writers, and the truth is not even writers catch all their grammatical errors. However true these facts may be, it doesn’t excuse us from submitting work that’s edited to be grammatically correct.

While most people don’t know where to even begin to edit their work, there are those who take full advantage of automatic grammar checks. One famous grammar checker is Grammarly.

It seems funny to use a service that is not grammatically correct. However, that appears to be the case for many games online such as Google, Twitter, Amazon and so on.

Grammarly is a memorable name, but is it a good product to use for your website and blog? This review should give you an idea whether you could or should use Grammarly to check your work or not.


Grammarly Usability

Grammarly offers a few options on how you can use its proofreading tools. If you use Microsoft Office, you can directly use Grammarly on it.

If you’re looking to use Grammarly online, you can have it installed as an online dashboard, or you can install a plugin specifically for Google Chrome. You can write directly on Grammarly’s panel or cut and paste from whichever writing software you use.

Does Grammarly work?

This tool works on two levels: it identifies your grammatical errors, and it also gives you an explanation for each mistake. It provides suggestions as far as potential solutions in replacement of your mistakes.

In comparison to basic grammar checkers such as the built-in Word check, Grammarly is far more in-depth in its analysis and will also provide you with more help in every sense.

Since it gives you so much detail about what you do wrong, the more you use Grammarly, the easier you can identify patterns with your writing. Eventually, you’ll learn what mistakes you keep on repeating. It ultimately helps you improve your writing overall.

Another tool is the specification of different document types. You can specify whether a document your checking is an article, a business document, a blog post, or any other.

However, the proofreading differences between each document type are not too substantial. You can also use Grammarly’s plagiarism checker to make sure you aren’t writing anything you’re not supposed to.

Is it worth getting Grammarly?

The question of whether you should sign up for Grammarly will depend on a couple of things.

Grammarly is not free and works on a subscription basis. It costs $29.00 per month to try it monthly.


Quarterly and annual subscriptions are available as well. You’d have to figure out how much writing you do to see if the monthly price is worth it.

If you’re only writing one or two lengthy documents a month, it might not be worth the price. If you regularly have something that should check, Grammarly can probably reduce your editing time remarkably.

Since it can help you improve your writing in general, you can see it as an investment of some sort, especially if any writing is going to be a part of your future—for your career, education, or personal use.

You must remember, though, that even a detailed grammar checker such as Grammarly can never be a replacement for a human proofreader or editor.

If you have a big writing project that you just want to check, it might be wiser to go with a person rather than software. You can find people to check your writing at sites such as Fiverr and Upork.

Another Viewpoint on Grammar and Editing

Much of the content on websites today comes in the form of blogging. I've always subscribed to the theory that a person should write as they talk.

I've seen too many people not even start a blog because they don't think they are good writers, or they're afraid of having poor grammar or improper spelling. A service such as Grammarly can pay for itself if your blogging enough and you're not outsourcing a lot of your writing.

At the very least when you outsource something it's being run through a service such as CopyScape so you can be confident that the content is unique and not duplicate content. However, you cannot always be certain that the writer is going to use proper grammar.

You may even be afraid yourself that your grammar is not always going to be correct. I would say that you should still go ahead and write to your heart's delight, but use a program such as Grammarly to do some of your editing’s for you.


It can be helpful on things such as wordy sentences, repetitive words, spelling errors, missed placed apostrophes, overused phrases, and so on.

At the very least your writing will be a little more professional than when you originally did it, but it will still be in your voice!

Having your voice is so important on websites that use their blog to help create a brand and drive traffic from their articles. What is the one thing that turns people off when reading a blog?

Poor grammar, followed by spelling errors. This checker will handle that for you. That by itself should be helpful to you.

Here is one other thing regarding the importance of writing and getting editing help from Grammarly. You can relax more because the pressure is off. You do not have to be perfect or worry about how your writing reads.

My Grammarly Review Summary


The focus of your writing is still all about you and what you come up with regarding content ideas. Grammarly is like having your editor without paying their salary and providing benefits.

If you are serious about having a great website and blog, Grammarly costs $29.00 a month which is peanuts. I say give Grammarly a try and put it through its paces to see if it for you!

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