3 Ways to Get Subscribers from Your Blog

Different Ways - Get Subscribers from your Blog

Get Subscribers from your Blog: Are you using your blog to build your list? If not, it's something you want to move to the top of your list of priorities.

It's one of the most effective and most profitable things you can do for your online business.


Get Subscribers from Your Blog

Online Business - Get Subscribers from your Blog

There's a reason you keep hearing "the money is on the list." Here are three different things you can do to get subscribers from your blog.

Opt-in Form in Your Sidebar

The first thing most of us will do is add an opt-in form to our blog that will show on every single page. For most of us, that means posting a kind in the sidebar.

While this may not be the most efficient way to get subscribers from your blog, it's a great place to start.

Get it up there. It's something you only must do once, and it will work. If you're ready to build your list faster, consider different testing locations, different headlines, different images, and various opt-in offers until you find one that converts well for you.

Get Subscribers from Your Blog

Pop Up Forms - Get Subscribers from Your Blog

Love them, or hate them, they work, and they work well. If you're worried about annoying your loyal blog readers, set it up to only show up once every few weeks.

As with any other opt-in form, it helps to switch things up and see if you can get a better conversion rate with different copy or offers.

No matter how you feel about pop up opt-in forms, give them a try. You'll be pleasantly surprised how well they work and how fast your lists start to grow once you start using them.

Get Subscribers from your Blog

Customized Opt-in Forms at The End of Your Blog Posts

Finally, let's talk about a slightly more advanced technique. This strategy for growing your list involves a bit of work, and it's not something you want to do every time, but it can be incredibly useful.

Get Subscribers from Your Blog: The idea is to have a blog post and then a related opt-in offers at the end. Let's say you're blogging about parenting and just wrote a blog post about different ways to motivate your child to use the potty.

One of them is the use of a potty chart.

At the end of the post you have an option offer where readers can sign up for more parenting tips from you, and as thanks for signing up, they get a printable potty training chart.

Get Subscribers from Your Blog

Get Subscribers from Your Blog – Online Blogging

In other words, either the copy of the opt-in form or the opt-in freebie is catered specifically to the content of the blog post. Yes, this is a little more work and not something you will want to do for every single post.

Get Subscribers from Your Blog: Instead, reserve this for your highest traffic posts.


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