Create Website Topics to Increase Traffic to a Site

Create Website Topics for Blogging

Create Website Topics: When creating website topics that increase traffic, a person needs to pay attention to analytics. Analytics will tell the writer what has already increased traffic in the past.

That means this type of content is likely to generate future buzz as well. If the content is all interlinked, than regular followers might periodically check the website to keep themselves up to date, or because the site aligns with their interests.


It is not just about how to create website topics that increase traffic but also finding commonality. If the writer and creator of the content are not knowledgeable or engaged in the material, then chances are the readers will not be as well.

Therefore, someone should know a little bit about what they are writing on consistently. It is not hard to do thanks to the Internet, and omit other alternatives as well.

Create Website Topics

Use Outsourcing to Create Website Content

A writer who continually outsources content might find little success unless the person considers a ghostwriter or an intern writer to add to the material on the website consistently.

Hire A Ghost Writer as A Partner

Having your ghostwriter is one way to do this. You may have to go through trial and error to find a good writer you can trust and enjoy working.

However, the problem is that the outsourced author needs to share in the success. This person will want a significant share of the pie if the content is what is keeping the website going.

It is a concept that has taken hold online. Bring your writer in on the profits. You are making them a partner, and this can be a good idea to someone you like working.

Be ready to pay this person correctly, or they will soon go off and find somewhere that does. It will leave you scrambling to find other writers who will write as well for the same price.

Hire A Freelance Writer

Create Website Topics: The most common form of outsourcing is to hire a freelance writer and pay them by the article. It could be someone you go to only when you need content.

Find a writer that has experience on the theme of your website. They can create website content from a place of ability which delivers a better article to you. It can lead to more traffic over time both through viral marketing and search engine rankings.

The main advantage to hiring a freelance writer is you only have a onetime fee unlike paying a ghostwriter on future profits. If you find a good freelance writer keep them as busy as you can, and they will be happy.

Create Website Topics

Use A Content Mill

Content mill sites such as iWriter, Crowd Content, and Upwork have taken hold of the low-end writing. Beware because you often get what you pay.

Yes, you can provide the keywords and article direction to hopefully give you content people are going to want to read. That does not mean you will get a quality article.

If the writer knows nothing about the actual topic, then chances are your website will have poor content on it and not be very credible. As an example, how is the writer supposed to fact check the articles when the person knows nothing about the topic.

You will be assigning your name to the website content, so if the information is misleading, then people will get upset and leave never to come back. Accurate content is critical no matter who is writing it.

Increase Traffic Through Website Content That is Edgy & Unique

Finally, in creating website topics that increase traffic look for ways to have that extra edge over other websites. A website that offers something unique is bound to get traffic.

There will be very few ways for other websites to court traffic if your site has already published unique content that is copyrighted.

The duplicate content penalty Google loves so much will not apply to you when you have edgy, unique content.

Mostly, the person who writes something online has copyright rights assigned to that person. So other websites might be able to link to the original website, but the original site will still be profiting from click-through traffic.

Diligent researchers and readers are likely also to check out the primary source of the information even if they were on another website, to begin. It just means take an approach to providing fresh content also if it is already online.

Thankfully, the laws are in favor of the website creator. You will always own the material on the site.

Just make sure that the information is not plagiarized from another source, to begin. Other than after the law, create website topics can be limitless as everyone has different stories and can put a unique spin on something.

Create Website Topics

Create Website Topics Following Current Trends

It makes sense to create content that's topical and current in today's marketplace. You do this by following trends, and Google Trends makes it easy to do.

Subscribe to Google Trends by signing up for free and targeting specific keyword phrases that you want to follow what is going on in your niche. You can then create website pages or blog post that people are interested in right now.

It only makes sense of this is going to increase your traffic when you're providing high-quality content that is on their mind at this current time. Plus, Google is telling you what is getting the traffic right now, so you may as well capitalize on the analytics and use it to increase your traffic.

Create Website Topics to Increase Traffic to a Site

Create Website Topics: If you outsource website topics or do it yourself, try and be unique with a little edge to what you are writing. It can lead to more viral traffic as well as traffic from Google and other sources!


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