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What is Compelling Content?

Compelling Content

Compelling Content: If you had to choose between a dying community that’s on life support or a thriving community filled with members who generously share their knowledge and time with other members, which community would you want to lead?

You’d choose the second option. You may have even tried to build a community and found yourself frustrated when after all your hard work, you only had a few members.

Now you’re wondering what makes the difference between a dying community and a thriving one.

Compelling content is what makes the difference. When you regularly create compelling content and share it on your blog and with your email list, then your community will begin to flourish.

Here’s what sets compelling content apart from ho-hum content:

compelling content

Compelling Content Serves a Need

The best content meets a real need for your audience and connects with their problems.

For example, if you’re a wellness coach that serves busy moms, then you know your clients struggle with making food that’s quick to prepare while still being nutritious.

You could take this information and create a blog post about twelve healthy meals busy moms can make in their slow cookers.

You could also share tips on how to use a food processor or blender to cut down on time spent in the kitchen. 

Once you identify a problem, your clients are struggling with, create content that offers solutions. 

Compelling Content has your Personality

You know what problem your compelling content is going to address, and you have a few solutions to offer your audience. Now, it’s time to get started creating content. You may be tempted to share your solutions in a bland way.

Many solopreneurs and bloggers struggle with letting their personality shine through their content. But the best content has your voice and style.

Your unique style is your best asset. It attracts your audience and makes them think they’ve finally found a leader they’ll love following.

Compelling Content

Compelling Content Inspires Readers to Act

When someone has finished consuming your content, they should feel compelled to do something. It might be to buy your product, like your Facebook page, join your email list, or share your content on social media.

But don’t leave this step up to your readers or listeners. Include a call to action at the end of your content. Ask readers to take one small step, like joining your email list or liking your Facebook page. You want to keep it simple here. Don’t ask listeners or viewers to take multiple steps or you’ll overwhelm them. Stick with just one call to action.

Compelling content is essential if you want to build a thriving community. When you regularly offer awesome compelling content, your community will begin to trust you and look to you for guidance. 

CTA: Learn the secrets of compelling content when you download your free workbook today.

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How to Write Quality Content That Gets Noticed

Write Quality Content That Gets Noticed

Knowing how to write quality content that gets noticed is a handy skill on the Internet today. The people who master this skill can create a successful career for themselves as a result.

However, getting noticed on the Internet is not easy at it used to be. There is just so much content that crawling out of the bottom is incredibly tricky.

The people who write quality content that is more likely to get noticed, and who market it correctly, are doing all that they can to get seen.

It is the two-prong sword we are going to focus on in this article.

How to write quality content and how to market it properly so you can get noticed. OK, let's get started!

Write Quality Content

Come Up with a Catchy Title

It is true that some people complain about titles that were deliberately written to be catchy. These titles are sometimes derisively referred to as 'click bait.'

However, people will still click on them. Many bloggers enthusiastically embrace the term 'click bait,' removing all the strings from it.

The fact is that these titles do work and the middle ground between 'click bait' and a simple, catchy title is subjective. People shouldn't worry about it.

Have you ever thought what makes up a catchy title? To me, it's straightforward.

The favorite ones are the ones that I click. These are the things that catch my attention.

To make sure that I do not forget about him I just copy them and put them in my swipe file under the title of catchy headline titles. I can then go back and rework those to fit the article that I am going to write.

I figure if it is good enough to catch my attention, it is probably good enough to catch somebody else's attention!

Include Lists

Enter your text here...There's no denying how much people love lists online. Articles that have listed are much more likely to get shared.

They're much more likely to get read in the first place. Lists allow people to learn only part of the article and not the thing.

As such, as long as people like part of the article they will often share it. Individuals who write great lists will get noticed, but as long as the file is partly successful, it is functionally entirely satisfied.

You can use numbered lists or bullet points to make something stand out. You can even count your headline tags or use smaller headline tags in front of numbers.

Search engines love headline tags, and they are automatically bold for emphasis. Get in the habit of using them for your list articles, and you will be amazed at much longer someone stays on a page.

Use a Fresh Angle

There's a reason why a lot of Internet content has a contrarian feel to it. These pieces are more likely to get noticed.

People go on the Internet to learn more information. Content that runs counter to the mainstream in some way will treat people, and it will often make people feel more informed one way or another.

Ideally, the person who does this will come up with a rational reason for the fresh angle. Of course, some subjects are subjective enough that people only need to be original and they will get noticed.

Using a fresh angle on an old subject is another approach to writing quality content that gets seen. It's why I like to stay subscribed to the email list of some of the top bloggers in my market.

I also like to bookmark some of my top competitors and take the time to visit their blogs on a regular basis.

Looking at some of their most popular blog post is easy to do just by looking at the ones that get the most comments.

These are the posts that other people have already noticed. What you can do then is take that same article and come up with your title and rework it into a different angle putting your viewpoint into it.

Take the time to bookmark your blog post into social sites where people hang out and see how quickly your new fresh content gets noticed!

Write Quality Content

Create Content That Was Designed to Be Shared

Quizzes that people are supposed to give to someone else are going to get shared because it is inherent in the subject.

There are lots of other pieces of content that are better if they are read by someone else.

People who figure out how to write quality content like this will get it shared, and that means that it will get noticed on a much larger scale automatically.

If you get hung up on this just be an Internet spy, look at what's shared then create your version by putting a different angle on it.

Avoid Long Posts with No Images

It's unfortunate, but posts like this are unlikely to get shared unless the person who is sharing them already has a huge following and a lot of people are already interested in what he or she must say.

If people can shorten posts, or break up the content with more images, they are that much more likely to create content that people are going to want to consume.

If you are doing 1000-word blog articles, use 3-4 images to break up the material. It just makes it seem less intimidating and visually appealing to your reader, so it has a better chance of being noticed.

Summary: How to Write Content That Gets Noticed

write quality content: Having said all of this let me summarize it this way. Content will be viewed if you do not promote it all over the Internet.

Once you do people have the chance to view your content and these tips will help you get your content noticed. With a little bit of practice, you will be developing a blog that has great content like this.

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