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Effective Ways to Become an Authority in Your Niche

Authority in your Niche

Authority in your Niche: One of the reasons to produce and share content that you've created is to become an authority in your niche.

As an authority in your niche, you will get a certain amount of respect, which leads to more traffic due to your perceived expertise.

But, to become an Authority in your Niche, you must start at the beginning.

Blog Often

Shoot for blogging on your website at least twenty times per month.

Blog about many focused topics, starting from a beginner's perspective and working your way up over the next year to a more advanced view.

Also, guest blog strategically on websites that market to your audience. Blogging often is the best way to get traffic to your site.

Write Articles

Write and distribute articles about your niche on topics your audience would be interested.

Find online and offline magazines in which to contribute as an expert in your niche.

If you submit a compelling article your submissions will be used. Whether online or offline, this type of content helps establish you as an expert to the public.

Become a Resource

Let the local and national press know that you're a resource they can call on when they need a quote about your niche.

You can do this in a variety of ways, such as sending email to reporters when they write about your niche, making blog comments, and using a service like HARO (Help a Reporter Out).

HARO is a way that you can sign up to be a source to qualified reporters on any topic you choose. There are free and paid opportunities.

Authority in your Niche

Set up Consistent Profiles

Authority in Your Niche: No matter whether it's Facebook, LinkedIn, or your blog, your profiles should be very consistent.

You want to be very careful about contradicting who you are across accounts.

Ensure that you mostly say the same thing on each social media account but in different ways based on the type of social media account.

 For instance, LinkedIn is more business and buttoned up, while Facebook is more social - more like an after-hours business event.

Of course, be businesslike and professional on all accounts.

Send Out Press Releases

When you do something exciting in your business, whether it's publishing a book, having a webinar, or conducting an interview for a radio show or podcast, send out a press release.

Press releases are an excellent way to get online back-links to your website, but they're also a unique way to get in print.

Form Partnerships with Other Experts

A perfect way to get your name out there is to form a joint venture with another expert.

Perhaps you know an expert who markets to your audience but performs or creates a complementary service or product.

Seek to do something with that person such as a webinar, podcast show, or jointly write an informative eBook.

How to become an Authority in your Niche

Authority in Your Niche: Finally, it's important to work on yourself and your knowledge of the area you want to become an expert in. Malcolm Gladwell, in his bestselling book, Outliers:

The Story of Success, surmised that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert on any topic. Seek to keep learning as you become a real expert.

You don't have to wait until you've spent 10,000 hours to start presenting yourself as an Authority in Your Niche.

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Blog Monetization Models – Ten Ways to Make Money from Your Blog

Blog Monetization Models

"You are more powerful than the problems you face."
Do not let problems or mistakes define you and overcome you. Problems are solved in how we view them and how we approach handling them.

Blog Monetization Models: You’ve started your blog, you’re starting to get some traffic, and now you want to monetize it finally. After all, to have a real business, you must bring in some money.

Thankfully, there are many ways in which you can monetize your blog to start earning an income. Here's how.

Ten Blog Monetization Models 

1.  Affiliate Marketing – Many business owners have products, software, and services in which they will pay a percentage of sales to people who promote their products.

Blog Monetization Models: They typically ask you to sign up, provide some information so that they can pay you, and then provide you with some tools to promote the product such as HTML code, images, and even content. You’ll place the system on your blog and another online real estate to help the affiliate products.

2.  Sell Your Products – If you know your audience well enough, you have likely identified some problems that need to be solved.

If you can create a product that provides solutions to them, then you can market that product via your blog. Great ideas are apps, information products, eBooks, and reports.

3.  Sell Your Services – If you’ve managed to create a blog that has a lot of interest, views, followers, and fans and you understand writing, content, SEO and online marketing, you can offer to act as a consultant to others who want to do the same thing.

You’ve got the recipe, and you’re the magic ingredient to help others experience the success that you have.

4.  Pay-Per-Click Advertising – Most people display Google Ads on their blog posts when appropriate to help bring in some extra money.

It’s easy to sign up for Google AdSense, and it’s easy to earn money from the ads delivered based on the content you have on your blog, provided that you follow the rules and create a very niche-oriented SEO-oriented blog.

5.  Direct Display Ads – You can avoid ad services and merely sell ads directly to others right off your blog. There are numerous plugins for WordPress that can help you deliver ads that people will pay.

Blog Monetization Models: This option works best for higher-ranking blogs and in situations where you’re not worried about your competition placing an advertisement.

WordPress Plugins link - https://wordpress.org/plugins/adspace-platform/

6.  Business Resource Directory – Install a business directory on your blog where others can enter their product and services on the list for a small fee.

For example, if you have a blog that offers support to work-at-home moms or virtual assistants, you could provide a directory where they can be listed or where you contain products and services that will help them.

Business Directory link - http://wordpress.org/plugins/business-directory-plugin/

7.  Sponsored Posts – As long as you’ve matched the brands you’ll promote with your audience, and the information you provide is accurate, original, and unique, nothing is wrong with offering a sponsored blog post service.

It is essential that both parties realize that you will always clearly inform your audience about the blog posts sponsored. You can do sponsored giveaways, and so much more.

8.  Sponsored Reviews – Once your blog established, it is more than likely people will start wanting you to review their products and services and they’ll be willing to pay for it.

There is nothing wrong with doing this as long as you are upfront that you will be honest about your review, and that you will also let your audience know that someone paid you to do the study.

Blog Monetization Models: Many sponsored reviews include letting the audience in on the behind-the-scenes experience, such as receiving a free trip to Disney for the family and then blogging about the experience with an honest review of every aspect of the trip.

9.  Start a Pay Per View Premium Blog – Do you offer expert advice on an important topic where people might be willing to pay for answers? There is no reason why you should give away your information for free.

You can start a pay per view premium area of your blog where people pay for specialized access to your premium content and even access to you such as a monthly teleconference, or a particular Q & A session. And yes, there is a plugin to allow pay per view content if you use WordPress.

Plugin link - https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/pay-per-view/

10.  Ask for Donations - PayPal offers the code to add a natural donation button to your blog. Many bloggers use the donate button and make a good living on that model.

Even app makers often work from donations only. Some people have found they earn more money if people can donate what they feel is fair.

PayPal donation code link - https://wordpress.org/plugins/paypal-donations/

Blog Monetization Models

Ten Ways to Make Money - Blog Monetization Models 

Blog Monetization Models: Regardless of which ways you choose to monetize your blog, it’s imperative that you understand who your audience is, what your point of view is, and how to combine the two to provide solutions to your audience that they are willing to pay money. By doing so, you can earn a living from blogging.

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"Everything seems difficult until you get to finish it."

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Building an Online Business – Blog with Integrity

Blog with Integrity

Blog with Integrity: There is a movement to “Blog with Integrity” which is an essential standard blogger should follow. You can learn more at Blogwithintegrity.com where most of this list found. You can even grab a badge and blog with integrity after signing the pledge.

Signing the pledge link - http://www.blogwithintegrity.com/?page_id=10


Blog with Integrity

Honest In Blogging

* Be Honest – If you aren’t earning a million dollars yet, don’t tell people that you are. It’s okay to admit that you’re learning to and struggling.

Blog with Integrity: If you had a food blog and didn’t try a recipe, don’t say you did. The best way to ensure that your audience trusts you is to be trustworthy and honest about everything you say.

* Don’t Plagiarize – Some people still don’t understand what plagiarism is. If you aren’t sure and don’t assume that you know, please read more about what piracy is.

It’s just not okay to use other people’s work without asking, crediting, and paying for the privilege. That includes photographs, artwork, blog posts, articles on the news, and so forth.

Blog with Integrity - When you write something, or have it printed, run it through a plagiarism checker like Copyscape or Grammarly.

Blog with Integrity

* Don’t Spam Anyone Blog with Integrity– Many blogs are often sent automatically to email subscribers. Be sure to use a double opt-in form for newsletter subscribers and explain that they will receive blog updates, and then ensure blogs themselves can’t be considered spam.

Blog with Integrity - Monitor the comments on your blog for spam to help protect your visitors from those who would harm them.

Success will come Blog with Integrity

* Disclose Financial Relationships – If you have been paid to provide a review, or you will receive income if your readers click through to buy something from a specific study, it is essential that you disclose it openly.

There is nothing wrong with earning money on your blog, and there is no reason to hide it. Disclose everything and be transparent.

* Be Willing to Admit Mistakes – It happens. You try out a product or service and love it, but maybe you didn’t dig deep enough and did not realize they had terrible customer service or were unscrupulous in other ways.

It’s okay to come out and say so later and admit that you made a mistake. The more open you are about your imperfections, the more people will trust you.

* Be Respectful – Even if you are calling out another blogger or business owner about something you disagree with, it is essential to do so in a professional, respectful manner.

There is never a reason to be nasty or rude to anyone. If someone makes a comment you do not like on your blog, remember - people are watching to see how you will react. Keep it respectful even when others don’t.

* Allow Contrary Comments and Feedback – Receiving criticism is hard. It can hurt very badly and for some of us, even make us cry.

But, it’s crucial to allow disagreements and contrary opinions on your comment streams. Delete spam, but let other people have their views; it won’t take away from yours.

Blog with Integrity

* Take Responsibility – If you’ve recommended a product that turned out to be a dud, and the owners of the product will not stand up and do what’s right, it’s up to you to do something to make it better.

Take responsibility for your words, too. If you said something wrong, or that taken wrong, step back and admit your part in any problems.

Whether your blog is written by you only, ghost wrote, or you have rewritten PLR on the blog, it’s your responsibility to fact check, check for plagiarism and ensure the truth of all the content you distribute.

Even if you don’t want to sign the pledge, there is something to be said about blog with integrity.

Pledge to Blog with Integrity

Blog with Integrity: The main point being that you will feel right about your business, you’ll be proud to tell people what you do, and you'll feel right about every penny you earn and every piece of content that you put out into the world.

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