What Makes Good Email List Content for An Autoresponder Campaign?

Email List Content for An Autoresponder Campaign

Autoresponder Campaign

Autoresponder Campaign: For as long as I can remember I have seen successful Internet marketers talking about how important it is to build a list. Create a list as in an email list of people who are interested in what you sell if you are looking at it from a marketing standpoint, which I am with my helpful blog posts to you.


To do that you should be using an autoresponder. It's a place to store your contact's name and email address as well to send out content to them via email

One successful strategy is to set an autoresponder campaign. An autoresponder campaign is an email campaign in which newsletters and other promotional information emailed to others who are subscribers to your email list.

Autoresponder campaigns are an excellent marketing strategy for bloggers, social media managers, non-profit organizations and government agencies as well as schools. You can schedule the exact dates and times you can send out the messages to subscribers.

One problem I have seen Internet marketers have is how to populate the campaign with content. Here are some neat ideas for email list content.

Breaking News about Your Business Autoresponder Campaign

Autoresponder Campaign

One way to keep your subscribers interested in your emails is to include breaking news that relates to your business or industry that your business is involved. For example, if you own an upscale hair and nail salon, you can tell subscribers about some new locations that you will open in the next few weeks.

You can also include some online coupons for them to use when shopping at the new locations. Maybe you have hired a new employee, and you want to announce that.

You get the idea!

Seasonal Newsletters

Autoresponder Campaign

Your subscribers often enjoy seasonal newsletters. If it’s Mother’s Day, you can send out some inspirational poems and blog posts from your staff members on what the actual meaning of motherhood is all about.

If it’s Christmas, you can send out eCards to wish them the best during the holiday season. Every month we are celebrating something, so you will never run out of content ideas to email!

Limited Edition Sales

Autoresponder Campaign

No other way to reach out to subscribers is to offer discounts on limited edition items. Boost revenue, especially if the limited-edition items are rare and may not be available in most stores.

For example, dark chocolate cherry scented candles would probably sell out quickly as a limited-edition product. As an Internet marketer, you may want to resell products such as reports or eBooks and offer them at a discounted price to your email list.

Buyers’ Guides

Autoresponder Campaign

Our subscribers often must make major purchases for the household, and they are not always sure which brands or models of individual products to get. If you send out buyers’ guides, you assist them in becoming informed customers.

You have an appliance store, mail out a buyers’ guide to stainless steel appliances. If you own a furniture store, you can mail out a buyers’ guide to kitchen cabinets.

One way to do that if you do not have the buyer’s guide uploaded online is to make a blog post and include the buyer’s guide as tips in the post.

Email your list with a link back to that post. It's an excellent way to drive traffic to your blog, and you can include it in your autoresponder campaign to keep sending traffic over and over as new people opt into your list.

Webinar Invitations

Autoresponder Campaign

For nonprofit organizations with a focus on social services, webinar invitations are great to offer your subscribers. These have become very popular online today and can be archived for people to listen to in the future.

In a nonprofit situation, some ideas for webinars include your rights as a section 8 tenant, fathers’ rights in child support cases, ways for single mothers to build home based businesses, and tips for first-time homebuyers with FHA loans.

Beautiful Images

Autoresponder Campaign

No one likes to read a boring email newsletter or email, and therefore you should include beautiful images to accompany your content. If you’re sending an email newsletter about the benefits of gardening with kids, use original pictures that show children laughing and playing with adults in the garden.

You should always include your logo at the top of each newsletter or email. Gets your readers used to hearing from you and serves as a great branding tool for your online business.


Autoresponder Campaign

Offering freebies is an excellent way to keep your subscribers happy and loyal to your company. Choose freebies that are practical for them yet still appealing to their senses.

You might offer free burp cloths or samples of handmade cloth diapers if you write a blog about new moms. With these ideas, your email list will grow gradually.

Let me stress giving something of value. The Internet is full of old outdated information that has been passed around over and over and is outdated.

If your freebie is digital in nature, think about creating something new just for your list. You may even want to hire a freelance writer to create something for you!

Email LIST Content Summarized Autoresponder Campaign

Autoresponder Campaign

Do not cut corners and use a free autoresponder. Pay the money for a high-quality one such as Aweber or Get Response.

Set up an autoresponder campaign and use it as a marketing tool for your Internet business. Fill it with high-quality content that is well written and serves to drive traffic back to your website or blog.

Take time to update it as needed. Send out an email newsletter if you want. Stay current in the fast-changing climate of email marketing.

Use the tips in this article as content ideas. Become an Internet spy and subscribe to the email lists of your competitors. It's a great way to come up with new ideas you can use for your email autoresponder campaign as well.

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